• 21 de September, 2018

Why are the mobile applications of our company your best option?

Many reasons lead a company to develop mobile applications. Among them we can mention: improving branding, increasing productivity, increasing sales, managing projects and more.

But here among us, we know that for the most part, most companies face problems hiring professionals for the development of these applications and this is mainly because developing a project of the breadth of an app is not easy.

The main reason for this is that such projects, even for those who understand the subject, involve specific technical knowledge and expertise in the field. So, in this post you find out why USABIT is your best option.


Why develop a mobile application for your business?


According to the latest IBGE survey, 95% of Brazilians are connected to the internet through the cell phone.

Given this information, it seems pretty obvious that developing an app for your company ends up being a strategic outlet to increase sales, create a channel for communication with the public and automate operations.

Anyway, this volume of people in connection, creates a wealth of opportunities for companies that like to innovate and monitor the technological development.

There are those who do not know that for an app to work properly, it needs to seamlessly integrate a number of functions. For example: being a good channel for communicating with the public, having a nice and simple interface, being functional, having visibility on IOS and Android, having data security, working well offline, making periodic updates, the user and provide a good search engine.

The problem is that few companies in the market have the technical expertise enough to deliver a strategically developed end product.

In general, money is invested in certain applications, the product arrives and does not comply with the expected result, causing a loss to the company.

Well, it is precisely here that USABIT enters, a company integrated to everything that the digital market demands.


Why choose USABIT to develop mobile applications for your company?


Regardless of the size of your business or project, developing an app involves application responsiveness.

For this reason, a project like this requires time and a multitude of tests, from security and functionality.

It is at this point that the differential of USABIT: determination.

Our team is formed by professionals who love to overcome the challenges and therefore, each project becomes unique, made of nuances that require intelligent solutions, research and a deepening in technological knowledge.

The focus of USABIT is on the client and especially on what is best for him.

This information is important to emphasize because in general, the vast majority of companies in the market develop the applications according to internal criteria, considering the cost of the operation.

As you can imagine, by opting for a company that chooses the easy way, you run the risk of not achieving the expected results.


What is considered in our mobile application development process?


USABIT’s main concern is to produce an efficient product that brings success to the customer.

With this in mind, during the process of developing the apps, the team unites by presenting different solutions, before the final decision on which way to go.

After considering the facilities and challenges of the project, to clarify all doubts, a plan is presented that specifies the delivery times and the technology most appropriate to the app.

I hope this content has helped you realize that USABIT is a key part of your company’s digital growth strategy.

How about contacting us now and starting your project?

Mariana Hilario

Mariana Hilario