5 creative and effective ways to learn a new language using technology

5 creative and effective ways to learn a new language using technology

26 May, 2020 por Usabit

Learning a new language is not easy and can intimidate many of us. After all, it’s not just about going to classes and learning the rules and grammar of the language. It is necessary to practice, research, delve into pronunciation and slang among other things to get some fluency.
Here are 5 easy, creative, and effective ways to learn another language using technology:
1- Watch movies and serious no caption or caption in the original language.
We all ended up engaging at some point in foreign films and series. A great way to familiarize yourself with another language is to search for productions of the desired location and watch without captioning or legacy in the original language. That way we can get the hang of the language, the everyday language, the rhythm, the pronunciation and even learn a new vocabulary with the dialogues of that production. Not to mention, that being in a more relaxed environment outside the classroom makes learning much easier and more natural.
2- Use fun learning applications.
It now appears that the world is application-driven. We can do and control everything through our smartphone and learning is no different. There are several applications with the most different approaches to aid in learning a new language and making the experience more fun is much easier to have an interest in improving.
As an example we have the application of Duolingo that separates the lessons in steps that you have to complete.
3- Search for playlists of the language in question in your music application.
Usually music stream applications have folders, playlists and categories that all types. I’m looking for one of the country or language you are interested in and include in the songs you listen to in your daily life. This makes the sound of words more familiar and improves pronunciation considerably. Another important tip is to take an interest in the letter. Even if you can not decorate it, at least read and try to find out what it means.
4- Have a translator application
Many times we even have the interest to know what a certain word means but until we enter a website or come home to search more about this, we forget or even lose interest. With a translation application in hand, we can look with more convenience and ease in the moment of doubt, not to mention that in a trip can save us in the most difficult times.
5- Watch videos about a subject of your interest in the desired language
It’s so much easier to understand a language when it comes to something that interests you. Many times we find ourselves browsing the YouTube in search of something to watch, and why not make that moment an opportunity to learn? Be it culinary, beauty, art or any other subject that arouses your interest, search for foreign content on it. Not only can you find incredible content, you will be working your fluency at the same time.
Taken from Insider.

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