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Incredible experiences in any screen size

This is the era where people are not limited to computers. Screens instead, are what actually attract looks, work or entertainment.

Features that only specialists can develop

You can reduce your company's costs significantly by automating online tasks previously performed by human effort.

We potentiate business through software solutions

For computers, IPhones, IPads, Androids, SmartTv's or Smart Watches, we own the world of programing language.

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Real results through Digital Marketing

We put Google and Facebook to work for you. And also help you on some important processes to improve your digital results.

Let’s talk about your project!

Usabit develops the best projects: Yours.

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Our Assets

That make Usabit deliver so much more

Partnership in and outside
the house

We cultivate an excellent relation between work and happiness, with an environment without complex hierarchies and lots of autonomy. And with the client, daily commitment.

Mature and committed

Our team profile is of mature professionals, 100% dedicated to Usabit’s success. That guarantees stability, quality and always the best results for our clients.

Custom processes and

Our agile development method based on kambam and scrum, allows that the time and cost are always optimized and the schedule is always followed properly. There is no rambling in here.

Attendance by the

We don’t have bureaucracies. Usabit leaders are also the project’s leaders and make contact directly with the clients. That’s the way we guarantee that all projects are delivered with top priority always.

Focus on the delivery

Unlike a factory, our development isn’t an irrational production line. All decisions are made by the team and together with the client so that everybody share the same goal.

Human respect and vision

More than earning money, we believe that a successful company is made of a group of people that want to reach their personal interests. If our people reach their goals, the company also does.

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